Desktop Macros

Desktop Macros 2.07

Record all mouse and keyboard events

Desktop Macros is a utility that records all mouse and keyboard events such as key presses, mouse movements and clicks. The recorded macro files can subsequently be played back as many times as you wish.

Desktop Macros will record macros while you are working with any Microsoft Windows application. Each macro records sequences of keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks. The sequences are stored in macro files which can be played back as many times as required. When a macro file is played back, it will simulate clicks on menu items, buttons, windows and links just as if you had entered them yourself.

With Desktop Macros you can:

  • Record all mouse movements and clicks
  • Record all keystrokes
  • Play back recorded mouse and keyboard actions
  • Launch and play back macros by pressing hotkeys
  • Create macro shortcuts on your desktop
  • Get free lifetime updates

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Desktop Macros


Desktop Macros 2.07

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